Spring is here! Double the closet!

Pat Gibson
2 min readApr 6, 2023


Okay, the weather last week was over 90 so I dutifully put my long sleeve
t-shirts in the storage bin at the back of the closet. I replaced them on the shelf with my tank tops. I contemplated putting up the felt hats and getting out the straw, but opps, it’s time to fix supper. I’ll do it tomorrow.

10 PM weather report, it will be down in the 60s tomorrow with low 50s the next day. Then back to the summertime temps of the high 90s. Keep the hats on the hat rack for now and I am not going to switch the t-shirts again. Work jacket is the lined one for my walk in the meadow. My long sleeve cotton shirt to keep the sun off stays on the clothes rack. Not time to switch the contents of the closet yet.

It is even worst with the systems to keep the house comfortable. Mornings are chilly, so my better half turned the heaters up. By midafternoon, it is 80 degrees in the dining room and I am turning on the fan. The air conditioner in the living area has to be turned on high or we’ll have to put towels on the couch for the sweat. Yikes, this is…typical spring in Central Texas.

The winds are high, and the fire warnings are out. The lack of rain has dried out the winter vegetation to the point a walk in the grass sounds like broken glass. Tie down those trash cans and don’t park that catalytic converter in the grass.

At least I don’t have children to get to the school bus anymore. I remember going up to the school to dig through the lost and found for coats and sweater forgotten. They needed them in the morning waiting for the bus at the end of the driveway, but after two hot recesses, forgot them.

Season changes mean keeping two sets of clothing in the closet. Is it worth it, you bet, just look at this sunset.

A country road with a deep red and gold sunset.
Glorious sunset



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