Prologue to Surviving Higgins World

(To begin with, always get at least two opinions on anything. After a dear friend read my recently published book, she suggested that it have a prologue. It is too confusing if it does not, she said. So, here is the prologue to my new book, available on Amazon.)

A Galactic Consortium transport is delivering Terran settlers to Higgins World, an earth-like planet with a shroud of debris from a collision of an asteroid and a small moon. The GC discovery team ruled that the debris was fine enough that unloading the NeoUtopians through the veil was safe. The transport holds the NeoUtopians (the claimants of the planet), the Humanos Verdaderos (the Authentic Humans), who will deploy a space station to mine a nearby asteroid belt, and the crew of the transport. When the download of the NeoUtopians is almost finished, a huge rock hits and destroys the Humanos’ space station and the transport’s propulsion unit. The ship’s captain shoots off a message rocket to Terra and announces they must abandon the ship. As much equipment and supplies are off loaded as possible. The emergency strands both the crew and Humanos on the planet much to the dismay of the NeoUtopians.

Weeks of chaos follow the stranding. Local viruses attack the settlers killing many. The native wildlife is frequently dangerous and many of the transported animals die after eating the local plants. The groups work together to build shelters, and the NeoUtopians begrudgingly admit the others must stay for now. The NeoUtopians offer the Humanos one of the land masses on the planet as their home since they refuse to accept the Neo Utopian’s Charter. They agree and call it Refugio. The crew decides to move to the tropical region of the planet anticipating a short vacation before rescue. They call their settlement Port.

As the groups settle and try to survive, the birth control given during transport wears off and infants are born. As the planet born children mature, sexual activity among the adolescents reveals psychic abilities. The manifestation of these powers causes changes that are sometimes fatal. Each group handles the nascent psychic powers differently. No rescue comes and as the years pass, the three diverse groups try to survive on a planet that is changing them.

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