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Pat Gibson
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The cover of my book

I have been reading a newly released book of remembrance of one of my favorite authors, Anne McCafferty. It reminded me of another book, a semiautobiographical book by the author Steven King. In both, I am made aware of a failing in my own life.

I have not yet done my internship or paid my dues.

In my past occupation, I was pleased to have accepted a peer reviewed article on creativity.* In the research for that article, I came across a study on creativity among individuals rated as the best in their art. The researchers questioned musicians and painters. They read the biographies of historic great masters like Michelangelo and Mozart. One characteristic stood out. Each reported a minimum of ten years internship to achieve a level of skill, then constant practice to hone that skill. However, one comment I have hanging above my computer is a quote by Michelangelo from a Roman writer. “Ancora imparo” which translates to “I am still learning.” He is reported to have said this at the age of 87 shortly before his death.

I tell you this because I am struggling to write a space opera using my memories of both McCaffery and my all-time favorite authors Lee and Miller as a semi-template. I did not attempt to entice an agent and go the route of traditional publishing. I would be a bit skeptical of any agent who would be willing to attempt to get a first novel published by a major publishing house when the writer is approaching her 80th birthday. They are in the business to make money after all, and money comes from a series of books that sell.

I chose to publish the book via the service offered by Amazon through the Kindle Digital Publishing. I admit I am not a great marketer, but I had several digital copies sold and a few of the paperbacks. Those few who have read this first book complained it was complex and confusing. As I result, I pulled the book, and I am attempting to simplify and elucidate. I have the first of what will be a trilogy reformatted and will soon republish it. The second of the trilogy is done except for the final chapter. The third book is fermenting away in my thoughts and will soon become the Work In Progress (WIP) of my time.

I am now considering: Is thirty years of reading, rereading, and studying the authors I love a proper internship to begin learning to write as they do? Or is it an old lady's foolish hobby?


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