Above Sulfur Creek…

In the center of Austin, you will find Lady Bird Lake, formed by a dam on the Colorado River. About half way along it, west of the freeway, it is joined by Barton Creek. Barton Creek rises west of town in Hays County among the hills where it has cut deep canyons. It is joined out by the county line by a small, seasonal creek which we call Sulfur Creek. (The county has a different name on the map but they have never tasted the spring water seeping out of the hillsides.)

On a hill above the confluence of Sulfur and Barton, we built our home more than 40-years ago. Over the years we raised five children, cut a bunch of cedar trees, and enjoyed Texas country living. Over those years, I have been a Girl Scout leader, a school bus driver, a substitute teacher, and a newspaper reporter. As a newspaper reporter, I did a weekly column of general observation on nature, raising children, and other personal reflections. I will share some of those and other things I have written.

Over those years, I developed a love of teaching adults which led to getting my Masters degree from Texas State, then a doctorate from Northcentral University. I am an adjunct instructor at Texas State where I teach in the Bachelor of Applied Arts program for the Department of Occupation, Workforce, and Leadership Studies. (This is to explain why my prose sometimes is a bit turgid. Academic writing is like that.)

Join me here, PKG



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Pat Gibson

A writer, an educator, a mom, a grandmother, and a great grandmother…